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       Fuzhou Yushun Irrigation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional team that has long been engaging in the design and installation of water-saving irrigation for garden and agricultural purpose and has seen continuous growth over the years.
       Our main products include micro-irrigation system (trickle irrigation and microspray irrigation), sprinkling irrigation system, filtration system, fertilization system, garden irrigation system, integrated smart system for water and fertilizer and accessories. So far our products have come into wide use in agriculture, water-saving irrigation for forestry, gardening landscape, municipal greening, greenhouse, cooling and dedusting for industry and mining, etc.   





First-class installation and construction and customer satisfaction after-sales service have been recognized and praised by many users

First Water and Fertilizer Integration Project

First Water and Fertilizer Integration Project

Preparation of raw materials at the construction site

Battery valve in the field


Water-saving irrigation technology
We all know that China is listed as a poor country in the world, and water resources per capita are extremely small. For the orchards orchards, water resources are the basic conditions for their survi
Take part in exhibition
2018-03-02 18:46
Recently our company has taken part in exhibitions in Wuhan in Hubei, Xiamen, Yantai in Shandong, Nanning in Guangxi, and Kunming in Yunnan. We have supplied such service and equipment as integration